DomusOptima Engineering brings innovative solutions to the marine industry.

No matter what the vessel is used for, it is always an investment. We can safeguard this investment with state-of-the-art security and add value with user-friendly control, management and entertainment systems.

Whether the project is a new build or a refit, it's worth to make “marine house” an exclusive, to make it cozy, friendly, safety and absolutely full resilience. Where all infrastructure, including but not limited yacht technical and engineering, lighting, media, climate control, security work as a whole – the infrastructure management solutions by Domus Optima Engineering.

As the main benefit, we bring engineering and technical yacht systems, domestic interior technics into Single Information Level so an owner can access and control everything from anywhere, at any time.  Wherever, from any control panel in the ship, or from smartphone or laptop on the opposite side of the world.

DomusOptima Engineering design, install and setup the Smart technology for ultimate comfort, convenience and safety whether at a sea or in a port.

We put the main focus on technology design, quality assembly and professional installation, Hi-tech full resilience in conjunction with the Home comfort and ergonomics.

Here is the main and non-exhaustive list of the technologies we support which make your Yacht the smart and cozy Home of you:

  • Lighting, Blinds, Shutters – Bring elegance, convenience, ambience and energy efficiency to your Yacht.

Can automate a single cabin, or the entire yacht including pre-set moods and scenes. 

Intelligent highlighting of yacht's architecture makes your yacht even more attractive among others. Automating interior lights can turn on/off or dim based on detected light levels, weather, specific times of the day.

Automating opening / closing curtains and blind depending on the specified scenario or the levels of natural light, time of day.

  • HVAC – Imagine if your Yacht managed itself with maximizes energy savings.

Efficient and easy control of the Air Conditioning, Underfloor Heating and Environmental Controls. 

Intelligently modulating the heating or climate control systems ensure appropriate interior cabin or sauna temperatures shortly before arrival, guaranteeing everything on the yacht is set to preference.

  • Multiroom – Make your Yacht Entertainment central.

Centralized audio and video collections allowing select of music or movies from a library in a lossless quality of sound and visual from any room on the yacht. Designing and installing a home theatre system provide for the establishment of various scenarios of comfortable lighting, darkening options and creating additional effects.

Integration of the multiroom system allows getting additional features, such as transferring images from CCTV cameras, intercoms, control panels to any screen.

  • Audio and Video Equipment – We build REAL Home Cinemas on the Yacht's board.

We install and set-up in the very professional way best AV equipment and systems to ensure the client enjoy the highest quality of picture and sound everywhere, on flybridge or lower deck.

  • Bespoke design – Just the way you want it.

We create individual design user-friendly control panel interfaces with some fairly short and simple manuals.

  • Informatization – Convenient communication always at your disposal.

Roaming WiFi with automatic searching for the best Internet connection (SAT, local ISP…).

Providing GPS and navigation system, full vessel status and command center options on a control panel or smartphone so the owner knows and control the current location, speed of Yacht, the status of a vital system.

  • Bespoke Security – Intelligent security gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and secure.

Invisible and unbreakable, with the capacity to remote access to the Yacht.

Active security includes fire and intruder alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, diagnostics of all engineering and vital systems.

  • Systems and Smart Meters – Control your power supply and provide more efficient energy management onboard.

All above automatically reacts to standard and the emergency situation on board based on a preloaded scenario.

DomusOptima Engineering guarantees high-quality service and, as a part of value-added services, we can also provide with a remote maintenance and monitoring your Smart Home and Smart Yacht technology solutions.