Good design and best-suited equipment do not necessarily guarantee good performance and service quality.

DomusOprtima Engineering look deeply at every detail.

Our Engineering Principles today are:

1. We strictly follow all the industry standards and regulations.

2. We always double-check if alterations or amendments are necessary.

3. Following latest ‘know-how’, we designed our own mandatory supplement in the form of Rules of Installation Works.

Here is also an example of the Assembly Report for a small house automation.

We expert at installation of the following technologies:

  • Smartec Solutions
  • Lighting Systems
  • CCTV and Alarms
  • Energy Saving and Smart Meters
  • Multiroom Controllers
  • Hi-Fi and Hi-End
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Building Management

You will find our engineers very clean, wearing neat uniforms and using white gloves only.