DomusOptima Engineering put the main focus on technology design, quality assembly and professional installation in conjunction with the comfort and ergonomics.

We project the scenario when the home owners won’t need to be searching for a switch in the middle of the night, trying to turn on the light in their bathrooms. Having an interactive way in finding the right channel or favourite film on their TV. We are able to provide a hot and cold water balancer when people use shower and washing machine simultaneously to avoid temperature jumps.

We create user friendly control panel interfaces with some fairly short and simple manuals.

We use KNX/EIB, iRidium, AMX and Crestron automation technologies. We are also an official dealer of some market leading manufacturers like Gira, Zennio, Siemens and Jung.

Here is the main and non-exhaustive list of the technologies we support:

  • Lighting, Blinds, Shutters – Can automate a single room, or the entire house including pre-set moods and scenes. 
  • HVAC – Efficient and easy control of the Air Conditioning, Underfloor Heating and Environmental Controls. 
  • Multiroom – Built-in Home Cinema.
  • Security – Remote Access to your House, including CCTV. It simulates the occupancy and controls security lighting while you aren’t there.
  • Monitoring system and Remote control – Whole House Infrastructure Management Solution. Access your house anywhere in the world with the cutting-edge features like door answering and redirection to your phone, CCTV access and browse, temperature control.
  • Bespoke design – Just the way you want it.
  • Energy Saving Systems and Smart Meters – Control your power supply and save the cost.
  • Audio and Video Equipment – We build REAL Home Cinemas.
  • White goods – We make all of them controllable.